Saturday, July 18, 2015

Wet Tandem SART Ride

For once the weather man was right!  I don't usually go by what he says ha ha so we rode. 40 miles on the tandem with Gina, Jose and Mike. Did pretty good and felt good. First 30 miles no rain so we thought we were good. Then about a mile before the coast it started raining so we did a quick u-turn and headed back no break which is very unusual for us. But we wanted to get back before it go too wet. Not because getting wet bugs us, but to save the bikes. I hate cleaning a gritty muddy bike. It started to rain harder but luckily the bikes got wet but not muddy on the 10 or 11 mile return! Well we did get back far earlier than usual ha ha! A bit wet but the humidity dried us right up!

                                                            Before it started raining!

Just like Gina ha ha! Sunny and 75 outside and you'll find her wearing a wind breaker and long tights. A 50% chance of rain and she'll wear shorts and a tank top ha  ha!

Officially down 45 lbs at this morning's weigh in!

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