Wednesday, December 30, 2015

MTB Ride

12 point something miles with 2247 ft of gain, 2 loops at Claremont Hills. Set 19 PR's today on Strava. Last time I did this ride was April 2013. So I am happy. It actually felt kind of easy today, must be the weight loss. :-P

I must be getting old! Today on my bike ride up the dirt mountain 4 people shouted all the same thing, "good job SIR!!!". gasp emoticon 1 kid, 1 girl, and 2 women all called me SIR ha ha! Some kind of scheme to make me feel old? They all said the exact same thing ha ha!

OK, a video! :-P

I did a few different scenes using the handlebar K Edge mount, some using the chesty mount, some with the roll bar mount on the rear wishbone seat stay in  order to get a few different views. I meant to place it on the down tube capturing the front wheel view but forgot ha ha!

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