Saturday, December 12, 2015

Tandem Saturday SART

Gina and I headed out on the tandem for an easy ride. Jose came along f the ride so I figured we would swap turns. I wanted to save some energy for Sunday since Gina will not be riding and I would like to try to lift the pace some if I can. Usually we/I pull for the first 25 miles then let the others help out at times. Today I switched after 5 miles or so ha ha. We did do a nice steady pace the whole time till we headed back from the coast. That is where we ran into Alex who headed back with us. He took the front after a mile or so and lifted the pace. He ended up pulling us the entire way back to Edna Park  at a 21.3 average speed  ha ha so I wasn't complaining!  (Strava Bridge to bridge/ North)

I'm not sure what the heck went on with Strava but  our Garmin was reading a 17.0 average when we finished the ride. Garmin recorded it at 17.0 also but Strava registered our ride at 16.6! What the heck?! So I am sticking with Garmin ha ha!

Earlier on  the ride we arrived at Yorba Park, our turn around point before heading back to the coast. There we ran into a couple of riders. The dude said hello when he rode up so I figured he was a friendly dude. So I started asking about his bike. Nice bike, a Giant with disc brakes. His wife also had a really nice bike. Black bike with celeste green trim. Looked really nice. We spoke for a while and of course I gave them then whole Mr. Beanz blog story and half of my past life experiences ha ha! They were kind enough to listen. I told you they were nice ha ha! Really cool people so I naturally I had to take a pic and get their story. They hit Green River then headed back to the coast. Oh before I forget, their names are Kristi and Steve. I am not sure because in our conversation they seemed concerned about the wind near the coast, but I think they should have nearly 60 miles on today's ride. Quite a ride! Kristi mentioned doing Tour De Palm Springs. It will be their first so she said they might do the 25 miler or maybe a more. You know me, I had to suggest the 65 miler. If one can do 60 n SART, one can do the 65 in Palm Springs with all the encouragement out there. Of course I suggested the entire century. I think they can do with proper nutritional intake. Well there I go sounding like a drill sergeant again ha ha! But my money says if they go, they will surely do the longer ride.

Usually we leave the coast and ride back to the truck. This time we had to stop at Edna Park on the way back because I left on of my Camel Back bottles there ha ha! Fortunately it was right where I left it on the water fountain. I'm really surprised. I thought I'd get back there to find it stepped on, spit on or even melted down laying out on the sidewalk next to a book of matches ha ha!

So even though I feel ripped off by Strava today, it was a good day having met a couple of new friends! :-)

                                                                  Kristi and Steve

Alex explaining to me how he watches my videos at home on his TV screen. Says his wife an kids checked them out too. His son told him that he figured it took me over 2 hours to create and post a video. Sure does, nearly 3 hours so it was nice to know someone recognizes the amount of time I put into them. OF course whenever we ride with Alex, it's a good pace so the video usually comes out pretty good. FTR, Alex does 100 miles out there at 17.5 average speed so he's usually hauling pretty good!

It's kind of hard snapping pictures at 23 mph but somebody's got to do it!

Yay, my bottle is still there! Let me celebrate by taking a picture of Gina he he he!

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