Saturday, January 28, 2017

Holy Cow Wind !!

52 miles solo today! 16.2 MPH average speed. I think I was the only one interested on facing the wind today. Gina had a bit of a relapse this week with her cold from couple weeks back. Figure all the cold air we've had this week. So I excused her from the ride as she said she would ride Sunday. Hmm, could be the cold or could be that she got a look at the wind forecast for Saturday ha ha!

Anyway, I went at it alone. Pretty windy once I reached Imperial heading inland. I had thoughts of Greenriver but once I hit Gypsum, I figured I better save some ammo for later in the ride. I know there are times that I was pushing pretty good on the return. Felt like a 22MPH effort but the speedometer said 14 ha ha ha!

I did run into Mark, Alex and Gail at the coast.

Oh, BTW, this pic was sent to me by a friend who lives about 5 miles south of us. Shows how cold it was this week. ;-)

Lousy photographer, but I kind of like the shadows!

Had more pics but the sunscreen looked like a bird pooped on my face ha ha!

Alex and Mark

Gail to the right!

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