Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Frying Pan and Super Trooper

44 miles,15.4 average, 104 degrees max according to the Garmin, average of 95. What is going on here? A few wet days at 60 then a freaking frying pan at 104? :-O

As soon as we started the ride, I could feel the heat in my bones. Not really hot yet in Anaheim but I felt it coming. My arms felt fatigue setting in after only 5 miles or so. Once in Yorba (we head inland first) it was over 100. Garmin said 102 at the time but it did get hotter!.

Doing pretty good till we got back to Anaheim, Gina really felt the heat. I thought she was done and actually thought about turning back since we were only two miles from the truck. She was really heated but then told me to pour water over her head to cool her off. I did, 3 bottles to be exact. At that point I was wishing she had something else on. Ya know, the wet t shirt contest ha ha! Well none of that today but it was fun pouring water on her head! :-P

We did make it to the coast and boy did it feel cold while the Garmin was reading 90 degrees ha ha! I was actually feeling a chill in the air. Gina is a Super Trooper so she made it. I will say both of us suffered though, I'm still getting over whatever bug I had/have and the lungs are not feeling happy. Maybe it was the heat, I dunno but it was a sufferfest today!

Gina hadn't plan to ride tomorrow so on the way home, I asked if she wanted to ride after all. Heck no! Ha ha ha!

Started with Jose then Don joined us for the return. I think we were all pretty hot at this point., Poor Don, he has to ride all the way back to Yorba while we turned off at Orangewood as usual.

Gina's Charlie fell off couple weeks back so she replaced that one with a blue one to match her bike!

Chuck wondering what the heck he did to deserve this ha ha!

We rolled around this guy then he hopped on for a few miles. At least he said thanks! Cool!

3 bottles of water on her head!

She's up and ready for more!

Of course the inconsiderate stupid thoughtless homeless a holes are blocking the trail all day long.

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