Sunday, May 21, 2017

Whatevah It Was !!!

41 miles 17.0 average. Some strange reason, Strava gave me an 18.4 average ha ha! I didn't feel THAT good he he he! Saturday was a hot suffering kind of day. I really didn't feel like riding but thinking it would help me get better, I went for it. Really suffered but today was the complete opposite. for the first night in like 2 weeks, I didn't cough up my lungs all day and night. I think that ride yesterday burned it out cause I was feeling good today for sure!

Plus the temps topped out at 95 vs yesterday's 104. Average temp today of 87. I just may need to start forcing Gina out of bed earlier on the weekends.

OK OK! Along with the bad, I must report the good, homeless related. As much as they annoy me and I would like to see them moved to another state, some dude actually said something nice today. He can stay in California but the rest have to go to Colorado, Detroit, or somewhere else ha ha! I was pushing hard on the last stretch trying to keep my average at 17. I saw some dude sitting on a beat up bike on the side of the road looking at me. I gave him a dirty look as if to say, "F with me and I'll rip your throat out!". As I approached I noticed he was still looking at me, then he shouted," cool dude, you're looking strong on the bike!". Dammit! Now I can't say anything bad about the homeless today! :-P

I did start an hour and a half earlier trying to beat the heat. Plus Gina would not ride today so it made it easier to get out the door before noon! :-P

Ran into Tony and his buddy at the pier.  Snapped a pic along with a few chicky pics! :-P

Still a bit hot after the ride.

Some people ask how I transport the bikes. Just a bonus pic.

Nothing like a good volleyball game!

See, I do take scenic pics. I got a pic of the pier!

OK, what pier ?

This chick has some biceps, doesn't she?

I still can't figure out why women ruin their bodies with tats, oh well!

I still can't figure out how mature women can have such big firm looking knockers. OK, yeah I can!


  1. Beanz, BF SoCal forum is just about dead. It was fun when you were doing the SART threads.

    1. Yes, it is dead there! I'm guessing they miss the 20,000 views over 4 consecutive years that I attracted for them with my SART threads and recruiting local members as well. Oh well, I guess their advertisers miss my postings too ha ha! Thanks for the good words! ;-)