Thursday, January 13, 2011

DayCreek/Fontana/Devore/Glen Helen Park

Well we will be away this weekend so no riding for us. So I slipped in this ride. I used to do this ride 2 times a week and it's still a good ride but I haven't done it much recently. If I start from home it adds another 15 miles but pressed for time so I did a short version, 20 miles. Nice ride, nice weather, a little windy on Glen Helen Parkway.

I ran across a few riders heading oppostie directions so I got a few of them in the video as fly by's. I did get one mother and daughter team though. Connected with Cycling Connection in one way or another. She said she wanted to see the video so if you know her, let her know where haha!

Riders caught in the video:


  1. Dude - you cycle in all the great spots! Even I snuck off the mountain for a river trail ride on New Year's day. Sometimes you gotta spread your wings and fly.

  2. Yes, our surrounding areas are a cyclist's heaven haha!