Tuesday, January 18, 2011

GMR Shack 01/18/11

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Oh Gawd! Did GMR to the shack today, what a killer. Holidays, then 3 days in AZ visiting the daughter extended party time a little longer than usual. What better way to start trying to get back into shape than attacking GMR. Of course I seemed to have missed the start time on the 3T timetrial with FryDaddy and friends. Yeah, darn, I missed it hehe!

But I did get a glimpse of FryDaddy heading down while I was going up. I saw Dean go by and figured FD was near. On the way down, I stopped to do some posing when some motorcycle dude was looking pretty interested in my little setup. Sorry dude, it's mine! Then Cachequatch/Keithquatch (hope I spelled it right)rolled up on his new frame sporting his Incycle duds. We talked for a bit then rolled down together. Wow, this guy did an amazing job with his weight. From 320lbs to a 212 racer, WOW! Sort of made my whining up the hill today seem like peanuts haha! But it's great to run into riders that encourage others to enjoy the sport just as much as they do!

One pic shows a lil mo mountains haha!

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