Saturday, January 8, 2011

SART 01/08/11

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01/08 Saturday.......47 miles on the trail today with Gina. Ran into Alex2 along the way. Got a glimpse of LewisAClark and The Legend Greg. Figures, I'm never ready with the recorder when they go by. I did see a dude ride by and call out my name. Not sure who he is but I got a glimps of him in the video and a couple stills that I extracted for ID (bright green).

Spoke with Victor at the Honda Center rest stop. Seemed pretty jazzed about being on the bike. Cold dark day with the sun playing games with us. Bright, then dark, then bright, then dark. geeze, make up your mind. Either way, it was a tough ride. Couldn't seem to get the legs warm and the headwind near the coast was stiff. Hmm, more than likely the tamales still talking back.

Who is this guy?

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