Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fontana up Alongside of Cajon Pass ....5/14/11

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Gina and I figured we'd do a ride around home since there was slight chance of rain. We started at Wardman Bullock near Cherry then headed up Old Cajon Blvd which runs along the side of Cajon Pass heading to Vegas on the 15. Small rollers are no problem but Devore Rd has a max of 10%. Gina was not happy on that section ha ha! We made our way up but by the time we hit the top it was getting pretty windy. Thank goodness it was not a headwind on the climb. But it sure slowed our speeds on the descent.

Now the real kicker is climbing Kenwood back into Devore. Max grade there is 16% according to Mapmyride. Some argue MMR is not accurate on sections of less than 1/2 mile so I used a .6 section. Some make a big deal about it but who cares, I use it as a reference. Overall I added up about 2,500 ft gain for the 33 miles. Gina is not a happy camper on the steep climbs but after it's all over and done, she says it's all in good training and suggest we do the ride once a week. Heck, save us some gas on traveling to the trail.

I was a little disappointed with the road, pretty bumpy but nothing dangerous and nothing noticeable on the climbs. We did run across a gal on the way up. Pretty fast gal just flying by. Nice big smile as you can see from the still shot(and video)! Only two other riders on the road as you see from the other still (and video ha ha!). On the way up, we had a couple of cars roll by with slight honks and lots of waves and cheers. That's always cool!

I was really shocked that there weren't any other riders up on the pass. Once we got to the top, I can see why. Some pretty creepy dudes hanging out in the area.

Few pics at the top, climbing Devore and what in the heck is that thing? Animal looked like somebody in a costume ha ha! Gina posing by a landmark with details of The Blue Cut (History of the Pass).

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