Saturday, May 28, 2011

SART 05/28/11

Gina and I decided to do a shorter 32 miler vs our usual 42. Ran into ABEC at the start of he ride so we hung together. On the way to the coast we ran across LewisAClark. Finally got some footage of the guy after a couple of years. We let him tow us for while till we dropped off at at Edna for a refill. There we ran into George for some TOC talk and a few reasons why ABEC totally missed the tour ha ha! Sounds like my usual reasons for missing main events.

At the coast we ran across Joel. I told you I recognize riders by their bikes. I couldn't figure out who Joel was as he was on a different bike. His son was along for he ride while visiting. His son Paul attending college in Texas home for a visit and a ride with Dad. Cool! I don't think I've ever been called sir so many times. You can tell that Paul's a good kid!

Alyce and Herb popped in for a short visit. Alyce had wheel problems a while back so they did the only sensible thing to do. They both got a new wheel set, nice wheels ha ha! Alex2 also stopped in for a brief visit. Plans of another 100 miler but not so sure with the wind. This wind can change most any one's mind ha ha! It was a nice day at the coast though. The sun was out and plenty of people on the sand.

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