Tuesday, May 31, 2011

SART 05/30/11 Memorial Day

Doh! I forgot to mention a couple of riders that shouted. I'm not real sure but one was with a large group so I'm thinking Robert Foster. The other guy, I have no idea, I don't think we've met.

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Today was something a little different. Some dude in a thong skates up, uhhh OKAY!! Dude must have had some guts. Pretty strange, not one person could hold back from dropping jaw ha ha! I couldn't help but post it, it was so shocking. Well, the women that view the videos can't say that I've never posted any beefcake for them, if that's what you' call it. Video doesn't show it but there were a ton of people around, eek! There is a clear butt shot near the end of the video so if you are offended by a thong and some butt skin, best not look. I thought about not posting it but it was just too shocking that a person would roll up in this outfit, err, I mean butt floss. FTR, I did not post the video in any of the cycling forums so if you view the video, do so on your own accord. Youtube comments are disabled and blog comments moderated.

Other than that, we ran into Jose, Bong, and Charlie of RiverVelo at the Honda Center park for a little TOC chat. Tony at the coast who rode a section of the return with us. Once again, LewisAClark for a little chat at the rest stop. Plus an EvilEuro fly by and a quick shout to Pinoybenter. I must say it was a beautiful day at the coast and lots of people.

Last picture is a before and after shot of Charlie. Just a little sample of what I do to make some of the pics look a little better for the blog. Stuff like deleting homeless people in sleeping bags, trash, pillows and bikes chained to trees ha ha!

Before and after touch up


  1. Great photoshop skills. Your video should have switched to "I'm to Sexy" for the Thong guy! LOL!

  2. Bwahahahaha! That's a good one. Wish I had thought of it! ;)