Monday, June 6, 2011

SART 06/05/11 Sunday

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Nice breezy ride on the trail with Gina and El Monarcha. Headwinds were a bit stiff but El Monarcha asked to take the front heading to the coast. Be my guest ha ha! He took a few pulls which made it nice. Wow, the coast was very nice considering there was a 10% chance of rain.

Once there we ran into Tony, Lucas (Jed19)and Brian. Brian is a pretty creative guy. Got his big Big Guy bike equipped with all sorts of comfort gadgets. The thing is a single speed and weighs a ton. He asked me if I wanted to take a test spin. I don't usually ride another rider's bike but I had to ride this thing. Wow, such an upright position. It feels huge. Riding down the path I could see who had bald spots and who didn't ha ha! Pretty smooth ride too!

Brian also has a pretty nice Harley forum that I visited a while back just to check it out. Nice setup! During the visit , he brought up the idea of a Mr. Beanz Bike forum. Said he had been thinking about it for a while after visiting the SART threads and blog. He'd do all the technical stuff while I just had to post my stuff. Sounds cool but then I'd have to upgrade recorders and things and the posting my turn more into work than fun. Who knows, maybe someday down the road as his idea is a standing offer. But the blog is good for now, fighting with trolls and deleting spam just might not be my idea of fun Ha ha! Although my name in bright lights would be nice.

So after a visit we headed back. Brian rode with us for a bit but the gear on his bike was a little too light for our roadies so he waved us on with a see ya! Gina took the front most of the way back. Funny, when I do 19 or 20 on the return, she scolds me for going too fast. She was in the front doing 19-21 most of the 12 mile return while I had to work to keep up. Sandbagger!

Couple pics of Brian posing, his Big Guy bike and Lucas.

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