Saturday, August 13, 2011

GMR 08/13/11

Wow, a busy day on GMR. Let me see if I can remember everything and every body ha ha! First, we hadn't planned to do GMR but a note from Alyce Billy Goat and Herb suggested we invite ourselves along for the trip. So I do the only decent thing an invite a GMR newbie, Aimee. She's been wanting to do the ride but never got around to it so I sent the invite. Worried that she'd not make it, her response was, I don't want you to think I chickened out so she accepted the invitation on very short notice. Abec escorted her on the ride which was a very good plan because Aimee is way too fast so I hung back with Gina as always. As many GMR newbs, Aimee enjoyed the ride and I have to say, did very well. A planned ride to the shack but she went ended up strolling to the village and with very little problem according to Abec's report. Only one rest stop, wow!

Before I continue, I remember back in 02, a ride partner and I would ride to the village and maybe see 4 or 5 other riders. Now, a bunch! I say at least one hundred today. This ride has grown in popularity big time!

So now we are at the shack when GlendoraMountainroad blogger rides up for a brief chat. Then soon after Matt arrives, both with congrats on the ski lift ride the other day. Wow, I feel like a hero ha ha! We go through the introductions of new GMR riders then we get ready to head off. Guess what, a flat tire! Darn! I have Gina ride ahead and plan to catch up later in the ride. as I'm fixing the flat Fancy Coin Bill rides up from one side and the ever so cool Dutchboy2 from the other. You have to check out Bill's coins. So we chat a bit more then finally I head off. Come to find out DutchBoy had a visit with Gina shortly before our visit. He slowed her down a bit for me but she still smoked me to Peacock Saddle.

Alyce too is ahead somewhere as Herb hangs with me on the flat repair. Just as we are ready to go GMR shouts out she's going along for the ride. We ride together for a bit then I notice this is getting hard and the pace is picking up. Hm, I have to hang, I can't get "chicked" on GRR after all the lift kudos from buds ha ha! I manage to hang then thank GMR for pulling me back up to Gina. Gina was already waiting at the saddle so I guess my efforts were extra credit. Oh well, it was fun riding with GMR who along with Matt always has nice words to say about my blog and ride affairs. GMR rolls on as we head slowly back.

It was my plan to roll ahead of Alyce and Herb who had gotten a few extra miles on GRR. Heck, the dry heat, although not that hot was playing games with me today so I talked Gina into a slow roll back figuring Alyce and Herb would meet us at the shack for the descent.

While we're at the shack a rider rides up then recognizes Gina. Gina is still a bit puzzled wondering how he recognized her without the pink helmet ha ha! Turns out to be MChacon01 of the bike forums. Cool, nice guy and he says he chose GMR as a result of my postings. Always nice to know we somewhat encourage riders up the pretty mountain road. Dude's got a nice bike so we check it out then Alyce notices his shoes. Pretty flashy but cool! I have to ask and yup, just as I suspected, they cost nearly as much as my bike ha ha!

Well the little bugs were getting to me and after eating about 6 or 7, we decided to head on down. MChacon01 joins us for the descent which made it cool because he was wearing the same jersey as Gina. Hillbasher gave the jersey to Gina and just in time for the team descent. Heck, I felt like I was recording a TOC team on the way down ha ha!

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