Saturday, August 6, 2011

SART 8/6/11

47 trail miles with Gina and Abec. Abec upgraded his bike with a new component package so I'm sure he was ready to ride. We threw in a few extra miles for fun. Pretty nice day on the trail, a little breezy but not too bad.

Ran into Boyd right before the coast so he stopped to chat with us for a while. Yes ladies and gentlemen, he won the 2011 TDF ( Tour De Farts). He fills us in on the story then heads off. Then Mark shows, then Alex2. So we spend a bunch of time at the coast. Pretty normal for us though ha ha!

We head back with Alex who shoots off the front after a short warm up. I hang with him for a while to get some footage then drop back for Gina. By this time, I'm tired. Gina's tired too with the few extra miles so hey, I get to blame the late mile slacking on her ha ha!

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