Sunday, August 21, 2011

SART 8/21/11

Another SART ride with Gina and El Monarcha today, a windy ride. Ran into GregK at the coast for a little chat. A visit with high mileage Julie and a quick stop by the Haircut Crew Bad Bob and The Legend Greg. Check out Bob's new shoes! A little later Jeff and Angie roll up on their tandem. THEN, a surprise visit with Ray Clone of the Glendora Ridge Riders. Check out the matching jerseys. Wow, what a shocker! The climbers do ride the flats. Not sure how often but they do ha ha!

Heading back we tried to keep up with Jeff and Angie for a bit so that I could get some footage but they quickly lifted the pace. Gina fell back and I hung on for a while till we hit a crowded underpass. We were fling at this point and things didn't look safe to me so I backed off for a clear pass. Once we hit the opposite side of the underpass I tried to close the 40 yard gap but that wasn't happening. Jeff and Angie at this point looked as if they lifted the pace again and they were gone.

So there is a short clip of some tandem ride footage in the video but mostly interviews with the riders. On the way home Gina and I figure we won't be eating dinner for a while so we get something to hold us over at Burger King. While Gina is ordering the BK Doublestack, some dude, under the influence I'm guessing by the smell of booze on his breath approaches me. "C'Mere C'mere", check out my bike" he says. He saw our bikes on the truck so he figures we cyclists should do some bike chat.

I'm cool to the guy, then he takes me out to show his bike. Cool! We begin to eat and he's seated a row behind us. A few people in the joint but seems they feel a bit threatened by the guy's presence as well as the BK workers. We're eating and he keeps shouting out to me about bikes. So after several interruptions, I finally decide, fudge it, I'm interviewing this dude ha ha! So I whip out the Flip and start with the interview. Dude ended up being pretty cool, just a friendly misunderstood guy.

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