Sunday, September 18, 2011

GMR Night to the Shack 9/17/11

Herb, Alyce, Gina, and the most prepared man on GMR, Hillbasher. Little different today. Started about 5:00 pm today. Figured we'd be down by the time it got dark but nothing ever goes as planned ha ha. Getting to the shack I thought we had it made. Not sure what happened but nightfall fell! I'd need a bracket to mount lights on Gina's over sized handlebars but didn't have one. So I put the red tail light on her bike and tried to keep her close behind to follow me. The other three had lights so it wasn't all that bad, we made it.

The climb was nice! Not hot and not cold. The descent was nice although HB thought it was bit chilly. But he was prepared with his 32 layers ha ha! I know Gina really liked the cooler weather. Someone just asked the other day if Gina's dislike being on the recorder, said she looked like she'd flip me the finger. That's pretty normal of her climbing face but today was different. She was all smiles. Must be the cooler temps.

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