Saturday, September 3, 2011

Tandem in Devore...Hot Saturday Ride

Sheesh, hot ride. Watched the Vuelta today so we got out late, 11 am start. Supposed to reach 98 today so it was hot when we stated, 97 when we got home. Figured we'd try the tandem today so if my itch to ride the tandem up GMR was just an itch or will it turn to reality. Other than the heat, the ride wasn't all that bad. Gentle hills but I really did expect the climbing to be a bit more difficult. We did about 15 miles. My computer pooped out on me so I checked the distance on a map site. About 1500 feet in 15 miles. Would have like d to do more but it was hot! Every swig from the water bottle was like boiled water ha ha!

We hadn't ridden the tandem in quite some time so I figured a test ride in gentle hills would be best. But I think GMR isn't all that out of reach. Be best to wait till it cools down though. We did our ride then did the posing on the return descents so there was no loss of a workout ha ha!


  1. Tandem up GMR. That's a worthy goal!

  2. Yup! Goal would be to make it and survive ha ha!