Sunday, September 25, 2011

SART 09/25/11

Cool ride today. Late night, yesterday parties, one of those days you wake up and wonder if you really want to ride. If we stay home, we''l be bored so get up and let's go ha ha! Glad we did cause it turned out to be a fun ride. I had to ride the Beans Mobile since the Lemond is toast but a little change is always good.

We started a bit late so I told Gina, let's do something different, well limit our stops to very short stops. First 35 miles, only 2 stops, a minute and a half and we're off. We had planned to head down PCH for a few more miles but ran into Bad Bob. What the heck, I can't go on a ride without a some kind of fun chat. We did cut the beach visit short, maybe 20 minutes.

At the start of the ride we ran into Ed, Val and Rodell from River Velo. as they past Gina and I, my chance to gt some footage so off I went. Gina caught up a bit later. On the return, we ran across a gal and her father. Pretty funny stuff, the gal was so happy to get a high five as we rode by. She let out a shout and I missed it all so we slowed allowing her to crank her way back up for another high five. Funny to see someone get so excited over a high five ha ha!

Then we ran across Abec doing a long 75 miler today. We had our 42 but figured we'd go past the Leaky Fountain and add some more. As we neared the HC park, another rider shouted "Beanz". Didn't look familiar and by the lost look on my face, a short explanation of seeing my blog. What the heck, let's go back and talk to the guy.

Turns out he saw me at the coast telling stories so he picked up on my handle and looked me up. I guess he liked the blog cause he linked it to his web site. He has his own site where he posts pictures of SART. I tried to get his address from the site but I couldn't seem to get it right. So I searched for Santa Ana River Trail blogs and his name came up, just like he said "HaroldoLand". Pretty cool guy, and doing 50 plus miles, good ride!

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