Saturday, February 16, 2013

SART 2/16/13

A good ride with Jose. One of those rides where it looks still but the second you start pedaling it feels like you've got a huge headwind. You think you're just having a bad day but the averages are lower than your effort. We met up with Ron & Dixie at the coast. Ron actually looked tired. I've never seen Ron look tired. Later he mentioned that the headwind seemed to be non stop the entire time. That's what I felt so it was a relief to know it wasn't just me. Of course when Jose & I left the coast we were expecting a tailwind, NOT! No, it had to be one of those days. I held a pretty good pace trying to be consistent at 19 or so. Later I moved over and let Jose do the pull. Being close to the end of the ride I think he felt good and picked up the pace to 21 MPH. The guy had a good day so I just held on the back wondering when he was going to slow down. 21 might not be a big number but again, when you're having one of those "killer headwind every direction" rides, it's good speed to hold.

We did first see Ron & Dixie, along with at the start. We were all heading inland, they to Green River and us to Imperial. I always stop at the Honda Center for a pit stop and they had also planned to stop since Ray had to go. Well I start slow so I figure we'll meet up at the pit stoop then I'll try to hang on for a mile or two to get some video footage. We get near the pit stop and they're GONE! Later I asked come to find out they ran into another tandem so they just went with it, poor Ray ha ha! They must have been flying. When we arrived at the horseshoe turn, one can see for a mile and they were no where to be seen. Like I said, I had planned to hang for a mile or two after the stop. No way would I hang for long, you'd know what I mean if you had a chance to see Ron's times posted on Strava, SART and GMR times, the dude is fast! Turns out the Ron & Dixie tandem team alternated pulls with Ray so I'm thinking Ray is fast too!

Later at the coast we ran into Herb & Alyce. Mingled for a bit then along comes Thong Dude. Wow, I can't figure out this dude. He skates by in a thong. Everywhere he goes people stop and stare, shout comments and laugh out loud (LOL). But the dude just continues on and even smiles as some of the insults thrown his was by groups of young drunks. One of these day, I'm going to have to interview the dude and get his thoughts, he's got some balls. No, I don't  mean the thong, I mean nerve ha ha! 

At about  8:15 into the video, one of two guys shouted "Beanz" as we rolled by in opposite directions. I slowed the video but don't recognize the guy. Maybe we haven't met YET! I slowed the video so they have a chance to identify themselves ha ha!

We did stop at Edna Park for to refill water. Also stopped there was a woman Jose recognized from the beach. She was on a road bike but most times she's running along the coast from what I understand. Jose recognized her so he started talking, he used to run till he encountered some knee problems. So they are talking and I'm just minding my own. After a while she asks about her brakes rubbing. At this point some other roadie is there so he tells her to ride with the lever open, that will fix it! I just can't do it, I can't let her ride off like that. So I look at her brake and yeah it is rubbing with a capital "R". I wonder how she got to where she was like rubbing that hard. So I try to center the brake but even that isn't helping. So have to loosen the cable for adjustment. I set everything just right and she's pretty happy. I explain that she should ow a little something about the set up if she's going to be riding alone. She says she took mechanic classes at REI........... HOLY SMOKES, remind me to avoid their classes ha ha ha!

Before she leaves I suggested she let me inspect her rear. She did and sure enough, glad I did. Her rear was a hard rubbin' as well! I fixed her all up and she was pretty happy with my service ha ha! She rode off one happy woman!

Like I said, we were having a good smooth ride. Till we encountered some dude near Warner. OK, how stupid is this? We're holding a consistent 18 MPH. We approach this dude wearing safety minded equipment. High visibility green, lights on his helmet for SAFETY purposes. I'm guessing to be SAFE! So we're passing at 18 while this dude is doing 14 maybe, I said maybe! What happens next, something that pisses me off. My pet peeve!

Again, passing at 18, dude is at 14, I make sure it's clear, ring my bell, call on your left, make sure it's clear the opposite direction then continue with a safe pass giving the guy plenty of room for a safe pass. WHAT DOES THE MORON DO? He speeds up and starts racing while forcing me to stay in the opposite lane. What a dope! I'm thinking WTF so I speed up a bit and move back into the lane. Just then Jose comes continues on to the front so now I am on his wheel. Just then the safety dude somehow manages to race around the left (that's fine) and sprints away like he was Stanley Sprinter. Sure that's fine but why not let others pass then go into hero mode, for safety purposes?

Just then Michael rolls by. We had met before and I had no idea it was him at this point. So he rolls by a few second after Mr. Safety. Jose asks if I want him to pick up the pace to catch up. Nope, I tell him all the time, I ride my pace for my workout. Plus I've seen to many Stanley Sprinters fade like the sun. Sure enough I'm back at the front holding my pace when we roll up on a tandem (video). They are dong very well so I take a short breather. Then I roll around with a friendly greeting to take the front and continue my pace. I see they can't quite catch on so I slow half a step. It's only fair, I use them so use me baby! They seemed to fall off a couple times and each time I held back but after a few tries, I figured they were to tired to hold on so we continued.

Later down the road guess who has faded big time? It's Mr. Safety...again! As you can see in the video (7:15) we roll up on him then roll on by. I thought the little helmet light was there for safety reasons like so that other riders wouldn't hit him from behind. Now I'm thinking it's there to tell other riders "you can't pass me". Well we rolled on by hoping he wouldn't play his little game again but at this point, I think he was to burned out to try or even take our wheel cause he faded big time and fell way behind. Oh well, he was a hero for 2 miles ha ha!

A little later we ran into Michael a second time. I still didn't know it was him but he was still rolling well so I held his wheel for a bit. He was rolling strong but seemed to fade at one point so I rolled to the front to help a bit. I rolled by making sure he was able to hop on the back. Hey, I figure if another rider helps you out, then return the favor, Billy Don't Be a Hero, help out! ;-) still proud of his Torelli

                                                              A smile from Alex2

                                                       Michael, Ray Clone, Dixie & Ron

                               It was about 80 today and Jose looks sad. Can't figure that one out ha ha!

                                                               Jose at the golf course

                                                           Herb & Alyce at Rampart


  1. Thong man....Classic!!!!
    and it almost rendered Beanz speechless...

    1. I'm telly ya, we saw thong dude about 10 times last summer. That is one guy I can't work up enough nerve to approach. I'd like to ask this guy a few questions ha ha!

    2. Watch where your eyes look when you get that interview!!

    3. Oh yeah, these eyes will be locked into some serious eye to eye, nothing more ha ha!

  2. You said "Before she leaves I suggested she let me inspect her rear." I get pinched by Dixie when I do that!

    1. Hahaha! I know what you mean, I had to type fast and post before Gina had a chance to read that part! ;-)