Saturday, February 9, 2013

SART 2/9/13

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                SART Journal 2013

Another 41 point sumthin' miles on the trail with Gina. I was supposed to do the Tour de Palm Springs but as the ride got closer, my interest faded. Just didn't feel like hitting the road at 4 am to make the start in PS. Oh well!

It was tough getting out of bed just to do our usual ride. Not sure if it was the rain, the cold or just old age ha ha! Turned out to be a good ride as usual. It was tough getting Gina out of bed and it showed on the ride. I think she should have stayed home under the covers. It was cold and somewhat a good headwind so I can understand how she felt today. I felt the same way but I need to ride.

I did get a glimpse of Tony as we crossed paths at the coast. I quick wave at Henry at the Honda Center park as we rolled by. Jack rolled up on his recumbent as Gina an I relaxed at the coast. Talked a while, told some jokes then Julie rolled up. Had a little conversation then she headed. I'm thinking she's aiming toward another 15,000 miles this year.

Let me tell you, Jack was a bad man on the bike when we met 15 years ago. He was 65 and averaged 24 mph from the coast to the wooden bridge at Edna Park. I remember being on the tandem, giving it our all and within a minute or two, he was out of sight, bad dude! Now at 80, he's still out there rolling along on his bent even after battling prostrate cancer.

                                                  Gina not looking too thrilled today ha ha!

                                                      Jack, Ohhh this is a Bad Man!

                                                     Julie, looking for another 15,000!

                                                         80 years old and still rollin'!

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