Sunday, February 3, 2013

Tandem SART 2/3/13

 It's back, the SART Journal ongoing thread Here it is in the forum under "Ride Reports"..or just follow the link.

                SART Journal 2013

I haven't watched the Superbowl in over 15 years. Why, bike riding ha ha! Another year and another I'd rather ride my bike day. So Gina and I hit SART with the tandem. Nice day and it seems most riders hit the trail a bit early. That left us with the trail mostly to ourselves. Did we rush home to catch the end of the game? Heck no! There is a Sonic Burger on the way home and Gina's been wanting to try it for a couple years. So we stopped today after watching the commercials teasing us with them foot long hot dogs. Now that we know there is one right of the freeway, we had to stop. Hot dog was good, burger, Meh!

We did see Alex at the beach stop. A short visit then he was off to complete his 50 miler. And YES! I got him to smile ha ha!

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