Monday, June 17, 2013

SART Sunday

Gina had Father's Day business to take care of so I rode another 42 with Jose and Aimee. Aimee hadn't been on the bike for 7 weeks because of a 3 week vacation in another country and being sick. She still had a cough that didn't sound good but she was game for the ride and did very well. She'll say she got dropped once but I think that was due to getting "blocked" on one of the underpasses. Jose and I did push pretty hard and the wind as always holds us back but it's a good workout! On the return we did push pretty good, that was fun!

On Saturday we ran into Gistand and, Alex2 at the coast on Saturday and Tony on Sunday. A little chit chat then we headed off, had shopping to do ha ha! I incorporated both day s into the video creating more of a "This Weekend In Riding" type video! ;-P

                                               I encourage everybody to use sunblock! ;-)


                                             L.F. Tony..............L.F. stands for "Lightening Fast"!

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