Saturday, June 1, 2013

SART 6/1/13 with Jose

             Well, Gina's sister was in from MO so she was out visiting  while I rode with Jose. Nice ride, we did share the pulls into the wind them Jose did a long one on the return. Ran into Marcello at the coast for a brief chat. Nice because we hadn't met up in quite some time. Nice day and lots of bikinis out! I did forget my helmet, wow, turn 50 and stuff starts happening ha ha! Oh well, JimmyNH of he forums would be proud that I rode NH. After Jose turned off I headed off for the final two miles alone. That is where I ran into Henry and Nancy. The couple will be riding a tour starting in about 3 weeks. 3900 miles in 63 day, WOW! Good luck and be SAFE! :-)


                      Met up with Marcello at the coast. He was cool enough to pose for you guys, twice!

                                           Jose during a much need break after a windy trail

                             Surfer heading to the...., I dunno, he was headed somewhere ha ha!

                                                     I just can't believe I forgot my helmet

                  A friend has a crushy crushy  on this gal. I'm sure he will thank me for the pics ha ha!

                                  Alex2, only thing he has a crush on is getting in his 100 miles!

                                                           Check out the cool bike!

                                                       Still can't believe it, no helmet!

                                                                 Jose on the return

                               Henry and Nancy getting ready for their 2 month 4000 mile tour

Hmm,  the quality of these still extractions from the Go Pro isn't very impressive. :-(

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