Monday, June 24, 2013

SART 6/23/13

After a wedding on Saturday night and a dance, Gina and I barely made it out of bed. Matter of fact I had to get tough on Gina Sunday morning as she refused to ride. Oh c'mon, you're going to let a few margaritas and tequila keep you down.  I'm the DD so I was OK he he he! She finally agreed to ride but said " if I suck you now why!". Yeah, I know ;-)

But once on the bike she did great. I kept a nice steady pace to the coast then let Jose take over on the return. So I dropped back a bit to get some full view footage then he picks it up to 22 so I'm working hard to get my video ha ha! So Aimee looks good and even pushes hard for the last mile or so. Nice after being off the bike for awhile and being the second week back on the bike. Surprisingly, Gina looked really strong at the end too. Heck, maybe I'll fuel her more often with tequila and Margies ha ha!

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