Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunday Taco Ride

Wow, where do I begin? I think we saw everybody this weekend, OK not everybody but lots of good people. Had a good chat and some laughs with Ray Clone and Ron (Dixie hung with Gina and friends). They told us about Chronic Taco on Saturday so we hit it up on Sunday. Tasty stuff! Ran into the other Jose who we hadn't seen in a while. New babies do that to riders ha ha!. Rode with Mark and Gail, Tammy and Alan.

Met Louie and Ben at Edna Park getting ready for the Sikad Ng Bayan ride again this April, check it out! Met JohnR on his Sunday commute, a nice hello. Alex was at the coast, and a few others rode by. We did meet up again with Dave. Feel bad cause I didn't remember him right away. I thought we met a couple years back but Gina said it was only a few months. Wow I am losing it ha ha! I do remember now, he heard my name in a group ride with some bent riders, now I remember the story ha ha! Oh well, old age is getting to me! :-P

Some words with the people we meet on the trail!

The ride video


                                Is she wearing a seat belt on a bike, or my eyes just deceiving me? :-P

                                                               Tammy and Alan


  1. I ended up riding all the way to Seal Beach after I left you. Never found any animal hats or lei's though.

  2. That picture reminds me: I really like those Cat Ears. It makes the ride much quieter and nicer.

  3. Lincoln to Taft, 26.7 average, 1.3 miles, Dave S #88 out of 5171 riders. Thanks for the inspiration Mr. Beanz.

    1. Dude, I HATE YOU! :-P Just kidding, you must have been flying on that bent ha ha!