Sunday, January 26, 2014

We Rode But For Now

For now, too excited about driving Gina's new car around town so the Saturday vid will have to wait till Monday. I got a raise at work and Gina had been bugging me about getting myself a new Tahoe. Yes, I am very tempted but seeing as she really wanted a CX9 when she bought her CX7, I told her let's see what we could work out cause the dealer had been bugging us about trading it in for a new car. The CX7 is only 2 years old but the thought of a CX9 is nice cause that is what she wanted form the start. So better interest rates made it possible to get the CX( for only 50 bucks more a month. OK so if I don't really need and want to get a new payment for myself, I figure 50 m ore  month and with my raise, it's more than covered!

So here it is, the new ride! Gina is very happy and once again I am the good husband ha ha ha ha! OF course Gina is a great wife and a great friend and she more than deserves to have what she wants! :-)


  1. Thanks, but now we've been cruising too much and I haven't posted my bike ride video yet ha ha!