Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Yeah Buddy More Toys!

I picked up a handle bar K Edge mount a few weeks ago. I really like it so I gave some thought to the rear saddle rail mount. Talking with Louie on Sunday's ride, he informed me about the next Sikad Ng Bayan ride and asked me to take some pics for him on the ride. Cool, you know I'll make a video too! So after the ride Gina said I ought to get one, who am I to argue? I looked on Amazon and at a good price, I ordered. I placed the order on Monday night, received an order notice Tues morn and received the part in the Mail on Wed. Wow! Free shipping too, can;'t beat that so the cost was good as can be!

                                                               Toys, more toys! :-P

                                          Yeah Buddy! Just installed a new chain and cassette!


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