Saturday, November 29, 2014

Almost December!

One you see the final two pics you'll know why I chose this title. Almost December and our cooler SoCal weather still invites the chickadees to hit the beach!

Started the ride with Gina and Mike. Headed inland to Yorba Park for a breather then back to the coast. Stopped at Edna Park where Allen and Tammy rolled up a few minutes later. We talked a bit then headed to the coast. We stopped right after the bridge as Tammy thought she saw something fall off Gina's bike. Turns out it was a dust cover from somebody else's bike that Gina ran over tossing it up in the air. It was then that Mark and Gail rolled up so hey, we had a big group of 8 riders. It was somewhat breezy but I was feeling good so I just pulled the group to the coast. I must admit the final 200 yards were the hardest and I had thoughts of moving aside for a little break but hey, I've gone this far might as well just suck it  up! 

Alex showed up at the coast and had a chat with some of the buddies. Then Ray showed up on his new bike, Cannondale carbon steed. Got a chance to check it out then he bounced.  We all headed back just about the same time so there were a few of us on the return as well. Did a pretty good pace on the return. Gina rode well and I love it when others are around cause she doesn't yell at me for lifting the pace some. My favorite segment (Northbound bridge to bridge) was at a pretty good pace. We held a 20.2 on that 7.4 segment so all was good with me. The stretch back to the parking area was a good little push. I knew Allen and Mike were on my wheel so I urged them to sprint to the finish. Bot h decline the invitation so hey, I just lifted the pace as much as I could and sure enough, it was a sprint finish! I knew being the lead out I would not win but I was just tying to lift the pace at the finish for a fun ending! :-P


                                                        Same pic before the crop

                                              The kind of people I have to deal with!

                                                             Ray and his new bike!


                                                     Tammy's Iron Man number

                                                  Mark felt that he should bow down!

                                                   Are you coming or going?

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