Saturday, November 8, 2014

Saturday SART

Well, last week we wimped out. Rain Saturday and Sunday, I was just plain lazy! So no ride but this week I figured we'd really suffer but heck, we did pretty good! 36 miles with a 16.9 average. I'm happy! Gina did well and felt really good on the ride. Got some good news from Mark. He had his one year check up and NO C word! Looks like he's clear and free! I bet that has to be a real treat! Still sporting the tracheotomy but hey, he rides really well and most of all, he's enjoying life! Great job Mark! Had a visit with Ron and Dixie, and Alex too. Pretty cool when the beach is near empty but there are a few riders having some good chit chat. It's like we own the beach ha ha!

                            OK, one of those riders lost their underwear! I'm betting it was Gina! :-P

                        My Mr. Beans Mobile ('98) mixing it up with the younger crowd ha ha!

                             I'm gonna be honest here. I don't like tattoos but I do like Bewbs! :-P

                                           Who is this guy? See him out there all the time!

                                                                 Gail and Gina

                                                                   Mark and Alex

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