Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sunday SART

Took it a bit easier today. Got in about 36 miles and tried to go a bit easier. The wind was not too bad today surprisingly. About 9 miles less than yesterday but we ended up with close to the same average so that was good! 15.9 today and 16.0 yesterday. Gina felt much better today than yesterday after the ride. So that is another good thing he he he!

Got a quick shot of the River Velo guys. Bong, Bang, not sure how to spell his name. Saw Tammy running to the coast training for her upcoming Iron Man. She's in pink and her buddy in the green tank top.

I did ride my 1998 Cannondale (Mr. Beans Mobile) so I had tho throw in a picture ha ha!

I must mention that Gina had some blood work done as a physical. She is Healthy! No sugar problems, no cholesterol problems, no BP problems. You know I have always worried about her after donating the kidney. I worried that it would take its toll and ruin her health. But that seems doesn't seem to be the case here. I was worried as we hit our middle age it would start but she is one healthy woman! :-)

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