Saturday, October 18, 2014

SART Saturday 10/18/14

Well, planned on a 32 miler but Gina felt good when we approached the Lincoln detour so we kept on to Yorba Park. She rode strong today! We had Mike and Jose with us so I figured I'd share the load and let Jose do the pull for a while. Then I took over and with a few miles left Mike to the front on the remainder to the coast. Nice strong pulls! I need to suck wheel more often ha ha!

At the coast we ran into Marcello. Dropped by for a visit so I had a chance to tell him how cool Strava is so maybe we'll see his name up there soon ha ha! Roan and Dixie did some of the road with us. I ad a chance to ride behind them for a bit so I had to make some finger gestures into their rear GoPro ha ha! As well as flash my camera into their lens! :-P

Rick showed up at the coast and hung out for a bit. He headed back with us and I must say, this dude is tough. I mentioned last time the C word, then the hernia surgery word but he's back! He took the front on the return leg and held a steady 20 point something pace for a long pull! Did I mention this already, I really need to start sucking wheel more, it was fun! Anyway, a nice cool day, with cool people!

                         OK, so who color coordinates their sports drink with their jersey?
                                                                  Only Mike!~ :-P

                                                                  Ron and Dixie

                                 I left some finger gestures on Ron's rear Go Pro he he he! :-P

      Marcello, dude looks different with the whiskers. It would take me 75 years to grow that!
                                               I'm at year 51 and not even close!

                                                                         Slick Rick!

                                           I must say, one of my award winning shots! :-P

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