Saturday, October 11, 2014

Saturday SART/ Gina's Birthday!

Well. another 32 miles and fortunately Gina felt much better today. Had to be the heat last weekend but today was just too nice! I was worried that we would not feel too good on the bike today since yesterday was Gina's birthday and we ate lobster for a late dinner. Hard to believe, 52 years old. But honestly, I still think of her in her 20's. I guess that is love for ya! So we had a nice dinner at Northwoods Inn on Friday night. Lobster, the salads, YUM! Cheese toast and a chocolate rum sundae for dessert. Some rich food but heck if we both didn't feel great on today's ride! I thought of doing 52 as a bday ride but we had to be back somewhat early as the kids want to take her out tonight.

Ran into Rick today at Edna Park. Darn this guy! He mus really love riding his bike, fought the C word, had a hernia op couple 3 weeks back but still on his bike. Like he said today, some people would just lay down and die but he wants to ride his bike. Cycling helps fight everything! Right on Rick!

Ran into Ron and Dixie at the coast. Got some good fun stories about their trip to Utah last week. Sounds nice! But we also had a few laughs! Good visit and like most days, I hate to leave the beach but we got to get home! :-P


                                                      Gina at the Leaky Fountain

                                                            Ron & Dixie arriving.

                                            Where's Waldo, errr I mean Ron & Dixie!? :-P

                                        Thank God for public restrooms, I'm ready to stop!

                                               Uh OH! I think Charlie saw the playground!

                                                                  Lobster Yum!

                                         OK wait! Is she wearing cycling tights to dinner?

                                                                    My sweetheart!

                                                          Northwoods Inn Covina


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    1. Thanks merider! There is a reason I don;t let her dress like that on bike rides he he he! :-P