Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sunday / Nudder 32 Miles

Another 32 on the trail. Pretty breezy day. I know Gina felt it today. Poor baby had a hard time but we did manage a decent 16 MPH average with the headwind. At the coast she mentioned that she was not feeling well at all so we just cruised back. Not a problem at all since we did do a pretty good push to the coast. Ran into Bob and Greg at the coast. As well as Alex. Very short visits today. I think everybody wanted to get home this Sunday.

Funny story. Gina found some dude's drivers's license in the parking area, middle of the street on Saturday. She picked it up so we saved it in my seat pack figuring we'd mail it to the dude. I didn't recognized the name or person but when we got home on Sunday I checked Face Book to see if maybe he had a profile where I could contact him to tell him we had it. Didn't find him so I just searched his name and came up with a number. So I called and left a message. "Yeah, my name is Fred and we have your license. Call me back and I'll mail it to ya, whatever if the address is current on the license." So a few minutes later he calls back and verifies everything is correct. Then he says, you said your name is Fred". Yup! Do you know Alan? Yup! "He's my friend, I recognize your name from Alan talking about you!".

I should have hung up right there but the things Alan does and says ain't his fault so I mailed his license to him anyway ha ha! :-P

I did see KeepingitReal again today. I had enough time to say hey this time! Plus another dude as we were arriving at the coast. He said Hey and also said hi to Gina. I sort of recognized him but sort of not so I;m not sure who it was. Hmm, that one will be a mind teaser for a while! :-P

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