Monday, October 20, 2014

From the Lens Of Ron & Dixie

Ron records front and rear of their tandem with recorders. He once again sent me some video so I edited it up and put some music to it. I think it is true, the camera adds a few pounds, it added  about 40 lbs to my belly ha ha!

Anyway, got me, Mike, Jose and Gina on video. I originally used some Toto music since I know a few viewers are Toto fans but stupid You tube muted the video! I hat when that happens on long video cause you don't find out till you've already spent the time loading etc. Good waste of a couple hours. Anyway, just happy to have some Beanzer rider footage, thanks Ron and Dixie! :-)

I did get lazy and took my Flip recorder on Sunday. Too lazy to spend the few hours posting GO Pro footage. Takes too darn long and for only 30 views or so, seems kind of senseless. So as you can tell, I've cut back on posting videos. Pictures are what got me started in the first place so I'll stick with them as much as possible.  

Ron did catch a view of Marcello as he was leaving the rest stop.  From the back chatting with me but I figure I'd let Marcello know since he is a pretty faithful blog viewer ha ha! Just in case he wants to know what he looks like from behind! I believer Rick is in there too, chilling on the bench. :-)

The second video is the few clips I caught on Sunday with the Flip. Wasn't a hot day but still a few chickadees out and about and I captured one or two so hey, why not add them in to attract a few views since I don't people are that interested in seeing me on video ha ha! :-P

I caught a glimpse of Bad Bob, Greg, Alex, and Tammy. Alex did tell me that some one asked him about his new bike last week. I guess he saw the "new bike" video I posted of Alex so they inquired! :-)

                                                Couple still worthy video shots! :-P

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