Sunday, November 23, 2014

Freakin' Wind!!!!

Today was a freakin' windy day!  I don't usually use the "f" word but that is how windy it was ha ha! I thought there were some stiff headwinds yesterday but check out the video ha ha! Honestly I love to ride when it's really windy. I think it is all strategy. I cruise while riding with the wind conserving energy for the battle. We actually started out into the wind which is tough trying to warm up the legs. We rode about 5 miles into the wind then turned around at the detour. Heading to the coast was a cruise but that is where the plan comes into place. I saw a few other riders pushing as hard as they could with the wind. We were doing 20 without pedaling but these guys were doing 30'ish. I really wanted to see them heading back into the wind. I've seen them before on the side of the road crying when it's time to head back.

Like I told Aimee, we cruise with the wind the when we hit the wind, we find a groove and stay in it. You can ride against the wind but  you ain't gonna beat it! Pretty sure Gina will be happy she had to sit this ride out! It's her father's birthday so she wanted to visit the cemetery today. Aimee sent a text this morning saying it was very windy and had second thoughts. I told her I wouldn't blame her if she back ed out but trust me, it will be fun!

I was shocked when did show up. She was still in doubt and said she would start and if it sucked, she'd just ride back to the start. Cool, but once we start, you're going to have fun, trust me! :-P

We headed into the big headwind and once we hit our turnaround point, I think she actually having fun! It was funny at the start, I'd seen this face before. Not on Aimee but on Gina. A sour face filled with doubt, anxiety and intimidation. Gina gets that same face when we plan a long 80 miler or so with forum members. Aimee had that same face but I knew it would change to smiles once we started riding. Then to seal the deal, an older lady was starting at the same time we were starting. She asked if we were heading to the coast. Yes but inland first then backtrack. I asked her if she was going to the coast and she said yes. I saw the look on Aimee's face, change. If she can do it, I can do it! Of course you can and it will be fun, trust me! :-P

Video with a sample of the wind and short Aimee interview.

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