Saturday, April 4, 2015

1st Post Diabetes Diagnosis Ride

Well, diagnosed with diabetes type 2! Both parent have it and all grandparents so what are the chances? Yes I was given the news but no way am I upset or surprised. I had been telling Gina for a couple years that we really need to start watching our eating habits. so although this ins not good new, it's almost a blessing. Now I have a reason to watch what I eat and my weight, perfect for cycling as well as health.

Doc told me I have 3 choices. Take meds to lower the sugar level, take meds to squeeze the crap out of my pancreas, or diet and exercise. Hmm tough choice! I don;t take meds and I will not so I picked the healthiest solution! Something we should have been doing a long time ago. So this week I ate the suggested foods. 3 ounces salmon, some veges, a cup of potatoes and so on. I actually felt really good all week and since I "have" to eat breakfast, the smaller portions don't affect me on a normal day.

Just this week alone with the change, I am 4 lb lighter! Yeah baby! So today we went to ride and I sure felt strong. We only did 36 miles but it was windy and we averaged 16.7. Mike took a pull for about two miles which was much appreciated. I pulled the rest but felt good. I will say after the ride I was tired so maybe I need to adjust or take in some extra stuff on ride day. Giving up the big spaghetti dinners didn't help the the way I felt today as far as intake. But hey, once I get this body down to a skinny Beanz, what I eat should be even better as far as nutritional values.

FTR, brother is 2 years older and having problems as a result of his diet. Plus he had a mini stroke a couple years back at 51. He chose the wrong path but not Beanz! Hell no, I plan on keeping my woman happy till I'm at least 80! After that is all a bonus!:-P

My father diagnosed type 1 back 40 years ago has shown me what happens to diabetics. Couple of amputated toes, loss of sight and worst of all, dialysis.

Let me just say, I would be a freakin' fool to let this happen to me. I've known better and I know better. I've been lazy and I take responsibility for my condition so starting this past Monday, life has changed for both Gina and I ! :-)

A still from Ron and Dixie's GO Pro!


                                                            Gina pulling the troops!

                                          Gina kickin' it in her bright orange socks! :-P


  1. Hey Mr. Beanz, best wishes for you and Gina on your health issue. I am pulling for you two and believe you are taking the right choice to get better. You are setting a good example for others.

    1. Thanks Jimbo! I'm not one for meds and I know I should have gotten the weight down long ago and "RIGHT NOW" is a good time to get in some good health! Thanks! :-)