Saturday, April 18, 2015

Saturday Ride (4/18/15)

Yikers! I just looked at my yearly mileage and it suck ha ha ha! Good thing is I am down 17 lbs this month. I plan to lose 38 more with my newly found change of lifestyle diet. Today we did 36 and wow I felt really good. 2 weeks ago I rode after changing the diet and I felt great on the ride but really tired at the end. Today I figured I better drink the sport drink and eat a Stinger for some nutrition, I'll burn it off!

Gina has been pretty much on the same diet so she's feeling much better too! She did great today. A couple times I sat up figuring she was a bit behind on some of the sections where she tires, but to my surprise she was right there ready to pass me if I lose a step.

Well Vegas last weekend but it's time to start hitting the road during the week. Did have a family member in the hospital all week so it gets rough but hopefully all that is done for now. Time to ride! We ran into Mark and Gail a the coast as well as Ron and Dixie. :-)

                                                Last week in Vegas. No buffets but I managed!

Couple of guys from the Sikad ride took our wheel as we rolled by.

                                            Terrible skateboard skills but heck, her boobs
                                      were bouncing all over so I figure it's blog material. :-P


                                                                      The Crew

                                                     I must admit, I'm a Trek Man!

                       I'll never understand why people want tats all over their body but oh well!

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