Sunday, April 26, 2015

Awesome SART Ride

Totally awesome ride today. Started the 40 miles with Gina, Aimee,  Jose and Mike. Improved our speed to a 17.1 average today. Good eating has done good cause I felt great and never once felt tired. Gina did very well and never looked tired even though she says she was. What made this ride fun today was that we caught up to a lot of riders, especially in the headwind where it's tough. One point we caught up to a dude and his wife (I'm guessing). Both looked fit and dressed in race kits. We caught them form way behind so they got behind us to draft us (saves 15% of a riders energy). They drafted us for a while then they raced around us as if we were racing. We just let them race off thinking they were really fast ha ha! I knew we would be catching them again. I mean we caught them from a mile behind, we'll catch them again just holding our pace. As the couple went around I shouted, "wow, you guys are like totally awesome!". Sure enough we ended up catching back up. Just as we were about to catch them, they turned off the trail ha ha! Few other guys did pretty much the same thing so it made it fun laughing at all the guys that tried to pretend they were racing but couldn't hang ha ha! So anyway, on the way back we had a couple more buds riding with us. One dude in yellow managed to get in our group. I'm thinking he hopped in while we rode by a park since there was nobody behind us for a long time. So this guy rides with us for a few miles then at one point he goes racing around, OK! He pulls away but in the meantime Mike chases him. Mike catches him then sits on his back wheel drafting him. So the guy tries like heck to leave Mike behind but it ain't happening. Mike's a pretty fast guy! So the guy gives it his all and nothing! So he moves over thinking Mike is going to help him, Nope! I'm hoping Mike doesn't help him cause I know the way Mike thinks. He's trying to wear this guy down so we can catch back up ha ha! I see Mike get in front a couple of times and lifts the pace, He makes he guy chase him. This only burns out a tired rider. Mike rinses and repeats a couple of times and now I can see them although a little ahead and the guy is all over his bike moving with sloppy form. This means he is tired and struggling. Sure enough we catch back up and as we roll by Mike shouts, I was waiting for my train!". I knew it ha ha ha! As we rolled by the guy I just looked at him and smiled like Neener neener neener he he he! tongue emoticon He was totally burned out and the rest of the trip he just stayed at the back struggling and trying to hold onto the "B Train" (Beanz Train for those that don't know ( compliments of HerbM smile emoticon ) Gina did awesome! She says she was tired but she was cranking it up out there today!

                          Steve the senior inline skater racer dude! He just own a race yesterday!

                                        Haven't seen Lucas in a year or so! He looks thinner!

                                                      Tony on his single speed!

              The dude that raced around us is just behind Gina to the left of Jose also in yellow.

                                    Herb and Alyce going the opposite direction with a wave!

             Mike playing games with the yellow dude! He wanted to play, he got some play! :-P

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