Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Loco Tuesday, Err I mean Local

Had to celebrate our Cinco De Mayo with a ride. OK not really, I don't even know what those words mean he he he! Since we did not get to ride on Saturday i figured we could make up a few miles during the week. Be good for some weight loss as well. I made a big boo boo! We all know what happens when ya go to the shop and buy a few extra tubes. I haven't flatted in some time but I buy 4 new tubes so guess what happens?! F-L-A-T!!!!!!

All I wanted was a nice cruise around the hood to relax the legs on a nice midweek ride. But I end up on the side of the road fixing a flat, bummer! Well at least I had Gina there to hold my supplies for me while I operate. It was a nice cool day though so Gina felt good on the road. Up San Antonio, down Euclid the one more time up San Antone. Nice 12 miler.

Had to work a couple hours Saturday morn then a funeral at 10 am so no ride. Oh well, mid week rides are nice with DST. Good thing is I'm down 25 pounds and dropping, 30 more to go!

                                           After still able to clown around so that's good!  

                                       Gina riding up SA Ave with her light on for safety!

The profile, not bad!

                                      Early Sat at work... I could have been riding darn it!

                       Dinner, 3 oz salmon, I cup potatoes, cucumber and some fresh strawberries
                                              My little contraption to grill our salmon

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