Wednesday, May 13, 2015

My Bike Guy

Gina and I took the day off today, played hookie ha ha ha! We figured we would try a little deli/bakery that my bike guy Mark had told us about. They make their own bread and boy is it delicious. While we were there we might as well drop in and say hello to Mark. Well what was Mark and Dave's Bike shop is now Mark's Bike Shop. He's on his own now and say she is doing well. He's a great mechanic and a great guy. His shop is on the corner of Carnelian and Baseline in Rancho near Smart and Final if ya ever need services. He is the one guy that I will let touch my bikes and for that, I have followed him around as a mechanic since 1995 when I started riding. I've tried a few others and they really made a mess out of my bikes and wheels. Mark is an excellent wheel builder and built the first set of wheels that lasted over 2k miles under my big body. I did pick up a couple spare tubes and another patch kit. Wow, I have 11 spare tubes now and 2 patch kits. I shouldn't have to worry for a while ha ha!

Well after the visit and our sandwich I figured it would be nice to get lunch for Mark and his buddy at the shop. So we ordered a couple to go then delivered them. Mark was happy but one thing, I get to take a picture in exchange for the sandwiches he he he! Hey, I'm Mr. Beanz!!!!

Mark said his buddy was camera shy but I say no problem I didn't really like the guy anyway! :-P After Gina and I strolled the malls. Then an early dinner at Lucille's and an open mic show at Sam Ash Music store. At the mall I bought a new belt, real leather for work. I've dropped 3 belt holes and 30 pounds now so my cheapo belt has cracks in my usual hole so I needed a new one! That was my reward for the weight loss. Oh, and a couple of huge towels from the linen store. I had no idea they were called bath sheets. To me they're just big towels ha ha! Well we played hookie and wasted the day but it's nice to do nothing sometimes! :-P

                                                         Mark owner and great mechanic!

                                                               Gina at Lucille's

                                       If I buy you a sandwich, the catch is a photo ha ha!

                                                           The little bakery/deli!

                                              Not much different from my daily dinner.

                                              Couple of yellow cages for my Cannondale


  1. Mark is the mechanic for my bike too, thanks to your blog about him a couple years ago. He fixed a shifting problem that two different bike shops could not fix. It's a huge distance for me to travel from Whittier to his shop, so I call first to make sure he is available that day.
    P.S. Great to hear about the weight loss. Nice going Mr. Beanz.

    1. Thanks Jimbo! Yes Mark is great! I won't mention any shop names (think of a well known local shop with several locations) but when I bought one of my bikes a few years back, the shop could not keep the chain from falling off the front rings. I took it to Mark, he looked down at it and within 10 seconds he spotted the problem. Never had a problem since!