Saturday, May 9, 2015


Probably the longest ride we have done in a long time. It was only Gina and I today so our 40 miler turned into a 51 miler. Felt good along the way so I asked Gina if she wanted to extend the ride, sure why not?! It was cold, dark and windy most of the ride but hey, got to have fun right!

Not many riders out at all. Seemed like we saw maybe 10 at most. I know it was more but it felt like 10 he he he! Nice consistent pace and Gina did very well! :-)

We did see Eric A running near Gypsum Cyn. Didn't expect to see him there so we barely squeezed out a "Hey!". Hmmm maybe he's training for the Iron Man , a Tri or maybe a marathon but he was out there running. Never expected to see him running. We were near our turn around point so we figured we'd say hi as we rolled by him on the way back to the coast but we never saw him. Wow, he must be really really fast! :-P

                                            Gina smiling at the start of the 40 turned 51.

                                                                  18 mile in stretch

                                                  First the quads then the hammies!

                                                                   At the coast!

                                     Not sure if this is still a smile or not at the end of the ride.

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