Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Down 35 Lbs now! :-)

Well the change of eating habits is still working even though I haven't actually tried to "drop" weight. But today Gina could not make the midweek ride a she had to work over a bit so I took advantage of it and lifted the pace a bit for a good workout. Just abut 14 miles with 1,066 ft gain. Up San Anton, this time above 24th to Mtn Ave. Down to 23rd, across to Euclid, down then across 15th back to San Anton then back up to 23rd, across to Euclid again then home back across 13th. You didn't need all that info but I'm just trying to make this post a little longer and fuller he he!

I call this ride my lopsided bewb ride ha! Of course while I was on the toughest section of 12%, Gina drives up and drives along my side shouting words of encouragement! That's cool, it's almost like riding in the TDF with a support vehicle. OK, so maybe"I've watched too many videos ha ha! Anyway, a good workout and the weight loss feels great!

20 more and I'll be back down to this weight, good form weight! This was back in 2005 when I went to AZ to do a metric in Casa Grande. I did 3/4 solo and averaged just under 20 MPH for the 62 miles. I wanted a gold medal (to the first 100 riders in). Plus this is my Ride Around The Bear weight (completed 4 times) and Breathless Agony (1 time). If all goes well, I plan to do BA again in 2016. Hey might as well seeing I have no choice but to eat healthy! :-)


  1. So Mr, spill the Beanz! How didja go about losing 35 pounds so quickly? Us Clydesdales wanna know.
    You are an inspiration!

    1. Thanks but I really "HAVE" to lose the weight. Diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I totally changed my diet to a healthy way of eating. No junk food, no fast food. Pretty simple, almost like weight watchers. 3 oz meat at each meal with some veges, and 1 cup of potatoes or 2 slices of bread. 3 times per day. Fresh strawberries and a cucumber or salad with each meal, only half a banana in the morning with cereal. 1 cup and 1 cup low fat milk. I eat 3 times a day and never feel hungry. :-)