Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sunday Kick Butt SART

Edit: I only got 4 PR's on the ride and couldn't figure out why since my Strava posted better times posted on this ride on other segments. Turns out I had the segments under hidden segments. I had to unhide them then refresh achievements in the tool section. Turns out I have 20 new PR's on this ride! :-)

The video from Saturday's ride!

Gina didn't get a chance to ride today so Mike and I had set out to do a faster pace. 36 miles at 17.6. I've always liked the bridge to bridge segment on Strava even before there was a Strava ha ha! Back in 2005 I set a best of 22.6 MPH average riding solo. So today was my chance to try to get closer to it on Strava. I had Mike to help me fight the wind to the coast. So we rotated pretty evenly fighting the wind. Aimee is a monster but she hasn't done much riding so we didn't expect her to fight the wind for us. Once at the coast I figured we could just cruise back and if we ended up with a 17.1 average I would be happy. But once we got rolling I felt good so I just kept it up and asked Aimee if she felt OK. She did so I pressed on aiming of the bridge to bridge PR. 10 years ago I did a 22.6, 2 years ago I did a 21.8 so I had a some targets of which to aim.

Well turns out when I got home, I had set a PR on this section. An official 22.6 on the Garmin and Strava. Yeah buddy! That is what I was aiming for! 10 years ago I was 20 pounds lighter but hey, to match it now officially is great! I did the entire pull on the return, the first 10 miles just because I was on a roll. I told Aimee I would slow down after the wooden bridge. I think she was happy but once we crossed, Mike took the front. Ouch! He picked up the pace and my legs were tired but hey, I can't give up now. So we ended up with a few more PR's. more than I expected ha ha! Thanks to Mike, I got some help on the way to the coast making it good for the return!

We did see Charlie along the trail with his wife on their tandem. Plus a River Velo fly by, Jose and Gem! :-)

  I don't know how Aimee does it. Hasn't done much riding but yet she kicks butt on the bike and stays there like shes not even trying. Oh and Aimee gave me a big fish! A Salmon straightform Alaska. Can't wait to grill that sucker!

                                                                End of the ride sweat!

                                                            Back up photographer Alan.

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