Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Gina the Descender Ha Ha!

Did a couple of climbs today up San Antonio. One was up to 24th St. We descended Euclid Ave. Looking at Stava, on a couple of segments that are similar to one another, Gina ranked # 18 out of 89 women ha ha! I guess her strength is the fast downhill ha ha! Joking of course cause she's holding back most the time, a little too scar!

Today 13 miles with just about 1000 ft of gain. 81 average temp and a wee bit of rain toward the end of the ride.

Profile is like my C Cup ride. But a little further up on on of the climbs so the profile is close.

                              That little short 10% at the top of 24th always gets Gina's attention!

                                                                    Water! Water!

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