Saturday, August 29, 2015


Video at a later time. :-)

Well it was Jose's and Joaquin's first time up GMR. They had said they wanted to try the village but had a change of heart once they hit the shack. Both did very well though for the first time. Mike and I pushed on hoping to get to Peacock Saddle. We did but Mike said he was toast and if I wanted to go to the village alone he would wait for me there. I mean literally toast ha ha! My Garmin posted an average of 90 degrees and a high of 113. Not sure how accurate that is but even 100 is toasty on GMR. But he decided that maybe OK he could go a little more so we went down the big drop and got to the rock wall turn out. He again raised the  surrender flag. But no, still wasn't done! I was able to coach him up to the highest point, right before you descend to the village. Dude it's like 4 more downhill miles but he wasn't having any of it. OK I couldn't push him any more at this point, he had already bettered his best. My hat is off anyway with the heat and pushing himself beyond his limits 3 times in one day. Jose made it to the shack but Mike and I went to the high point with a total gain of 4,439 ft elevation gain for the day.

I did see GMR up there. As well as her husband Bill. Always great to see them and her blog, excellent source of info on GMR events, conditions and  rides. Check out her blog if you haven't already. The link is on the side of my page, to the right. One thing I love about GMR is that the riders are so encouraging. Especially Matt! Always something good to say. Today he told my weight loss story to a few riders up there and they were all so motivating and encouraging. I tell ya, the riders that do the GMR ride are of a different breed! Great people!

Also thanks to the people with the sag station at the shack. Really a great help continuing on down the road. I'll have to go through the video footage to get the name and info on the deal, But thank goodness they are there!

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