Saturday, August 8, 2015

SART Tandem Ride

So Mike said we have been riding stronger and figured we could do an 18 MPH average for the 44 miles. I was doubtful but said hey, let's try. We let Mike take 3 or 4 pulls which greatly helped when we needed a break. On the return we had a 17.8 average and needed to increase it by 2 tenths if we were to reach our goal. We pushed as hard as we could and ended up with an 18.0, yeah baby! Of course Garmin gave us the 18.0 but Strava as usual deducted a tenth, bastards! So anyway, I'm going with Garmin and sticking with that story ha ha ha!  

Saw Ken and Shelia roll by on their tandem as well as Patrick at Edna Park. Haven't seen the dude in like 10 years back when he was posting on forums. So it was good to see them. I'll have them on video when I finish creating it!

The video. I had a youtube buddy say we needed footage of us on the tandem. So I slapped my K Edge and GoPro onto Mike's hb's to get some tandem footage.

I attached the recorded to Mikes hb's.

                                           Yes! Nice thing about tandems, the back scratch!

                                                Mike taking a few good strong pulls!

                                            This is what happens when you ride a tandem!

                                                    Ken and Sheila on their tandem


                                                                             Nice day!

                                            I think she tried to flash a bewb he he he!

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