Sunday, August 23, 2015

More Tandem Sunday

Another 35 on the tandem, another 17.4 average. Another nice day reminding me of why we spend so much time chillin' at the beach stop. We started the ride with Jose and Mike. Joaquin was at the rest stop before we showed up. Si Gina was shocked when he walked  up to her and handed her a pair of gloves. I guess he accidentally bought a pair of Specialized BG women's gloves. He told her he wanted to give them to her not wanting to bother having to take them back. She thanked him and offered to pay for them but he refused. I think she still wants to give him at least part of the cost so we'll see if he accepts it next time when she has cash in hand.

That was cool! Made me think of things others have given me or us. Hillbasher gave Gina TOC jersey. Aimee gave me a fish! A salmon straight and fresh from Alaska. Jim S offered a video recorder, too expensive, I couldn't take it. Vic offered a trout from one of his fishing trips. I didn't eat fish back then before my change of diet so I didn't accept it. I'm sure there have been others that I can't think of right this second but thanks to all!

Now that I think of it, it would be nice if you would all bring us a gift he he he! I'm only kidding unless it's a Pinarello in my size or Gina's size, doesn't matter, we'll take it! :-P

                                       2 stills from Ron & Dixie's Go Pro on the previous day.

Action shot! :-P

                                                 OK why a I sweating and not Gina?! :-P

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