Sunday, May 8, 2016

Me & Jose SART

Just Jose and I today. 44 miles @ 17.5 average. Pretty stiff headwind today but no rain! We started out holding the pace down some not wanting to burn ourselves out. Joaquin always does a 20 mile ride so we figured as many times before he would meet us at Edna Park. If Jose and I conserved a bit we would be good to go once we hit the park and picked up Joaquin. He knew we were coming but once we got to the park, he had left. Ended up seeing him heading back about 2 or 3 miles from the coast heading the opposite direction. Meh! That ruined all the fun cause we were ready to roll ha ha but I guess he didn't want to ride with us or something.

At the start of the ride we ran into Jose R. His buddy joined us for a short bit but Jose did our first leg to Yorba Park with us starting from the Honda Center. Had a brief chat at Yorba then he headed off as it was the end of his ride. That is when Jose and I headed toward the coast. It was pretty darn breezy the entire 21 miles to the coast. But we held back as I mentioned hoping to run into Joaquin so we would have some gas left to lift the pace. :-P

No Joaquin but we did run into Alex at the coast. Poor guy having some knee problems but still kicking butt on his bike. I think he said he was doing seventy something today. He rode back with us and pushed the pace some. Overall a nice ride, a bit chilly and dark but pushing on the way back warmed things up nicely ha ha!

No female today so I had no choice but to take pics of the dudes ha ha! Oh well,good for those Kodak memory thingies! :-P

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