Saturday, May 7, 2016

SART Tandem

Not a bad ride. 44 miles at 16.6 average according to Strava. I like the 16.7 on Garmin more ha ha! But boy, riding the tandem cause Gina struggled last week after a month off the bike. She had family medical issues so riding was probably the last thing on her mind during that period. So today I chose the tandem so that she wouldn't fall behind and boy I felt it. I could tell her conditioning was not there. That can be a bad thing but then it can be a good thing cause I got a darn good workout ha ha! She did well on the flats but any little rise in the road brought out that drag feeling.

We did pull the first 26 miles or so. Jose offered to help after 24 but I refused knowing that sometimes it's easier to just stay at the front rather than trying to hold a wheel and close gaps on the tandem. But after a couple more miles I said go for it Jose! Man what a relief! The wind sure was strong today so when Jose got in the front it was a big difference. He pulled for about 3 miles and at the end of the 3 miles I could tell he was beat. That was good cause that meant a lot of the struggle I felt could have just been the wind ha ha!

But that break really helped so then we pulled the final 12 on the return. What a relief it was to have a tailwind!

Some posing! The first 2 pictures weren't good enough. Gina wanted pictures with the ocean in the background ha ha!


  1. You were wearing your neon yellow/green jersey I see.
    Ha ha, and you weren't posing in any of the pictures.
    So, how do I know?

    1. You're like one of those secret agents like Lliam Neison in Taken. :-P